Smoke-Free Living: Creating a Tobacco-Free Environment

Creating a Tobacco-Free Environment

Understanding the Need for a Tobacco-Free Environment

Cigarettes release the pungent odour from tobacco that smokers find no fault with, and little realizing how much discomfort they cause to others, they continue to smoke. So, if you smoke, here are the reasons that will urge you towards a smoke-free life and you will be ready to quit tobacco.

Second-hand smoke is a huge hazard. Even if you have not smoked even one cigarette in life, you could still be a victim of passive smoking by getting exposed to a smoker. Smoke from cigarettes is equally harmful to second-hand smokers. People smoking should be cautious if they have children or pets at home and avoid smoking near them. With growing awareness of smoking, many places open to the public are denying entry to smokers. Not just public places, but some offices and residential buildings have installed smoke alarms that set off even when people smoke cigarettes thereby discouraging the habit and encouraging people to get back to smoke-free lives.

Smoking is detrimental for those who smoke and those in proximity to smokers, particularly children. Children whose lungs are only at a developing stage bear damage even before they grow up. Children have their whole life ahead of them, engaging in sports or other physical and recreational activity is their natural habit. By exposing them to tobacco parents unwittingly rob their healthy childhood.

Smoke from neighbouring homes can also affect second-hand smokers. Smoking exposure affects those with vulnerable health conditions like the elderly population, pregnant women etc. especially those living in smaller apartments where smokers indulge in cigarette breaks in cramped flats with small or no balconies closing in between apartments.

Given all these reasons, smokers need to realize the importance of a tobacco-free environment. When your addiction is harmful to another what is the need for continuing with it? You are not just damaging your health but those around you. All it takes is a strong decision and a firm resolution to quit smoking. Some wallow under the pressure of smoking withdrawal symptoms and cannot hold up their resolution. But before you think quitting is impossible, why don't you give Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) a chance? It is an effective way to quit smoking. Why don’t you give the transition to a smoke-free life a try?

Benefits of a Tobacco-Free Home

A smoke-free home is the gateway to a smoke-free life. Family members who do not smoke are no longer exposed to the ill effects of tobacco. Teenage children or preteens who are brought up with adult smokers are prone to smoke more than their peers. Smoking environment at home drives them to believe that smoking is normal leading to health hazards from smoking vulnerabilities at a young age. Those living in smoke-free homes on the other hand are less prone to smoke. Even if they get influenced by peer groups, they prefer not smoking at home fearing disapproval from parents. People who do not smoke are conscious of the health hazards tobacco causes and try to instil caution early in their children. Children belonging to non-smoking families who take to smoking at a young age, do not smoke at home as they are aware of smoking hazards to health and do not wish to expose their family members to it. Restriction of smoking at home reduces their smoking habit to a great extent.

Creating a tobacco-free home has many benefits, especially for health and the overall well-being of individuals.

We all realize smoking tobacco has direct implications for the respiratory health of a person. Limiting smoking and eventually moving out from the habit of smoking will lead to improved respiratory health. NRT for smoking cessation is an effective way to overcome the smoking habit.

The indoor air quality will also be better if the lingering smell of tobacco is kept out of homes and enclosed rooms. Some choose to smoke in washrooms and that is equally unpleasant and unhealthy. Consciously giving up on the smoking habit will create a positive feeling at home.

By choosing to not smoke at home or not smoking at all you set a good example for your children, who stay away from this hazard and do not damage their health and well-being through smoking. Smoking tobacco at home leaves its residue on walls and furniture. By not smoking at home you preserve the healthy and happy home atmosphere.

Navigating Social Situations

Given all these reasons, you may be prompted to quit smoking tobacco. It may not be so easy to do so as nicotine has a strong addictive effect that draws individuals to return to the habit no matter how strong the resolve is. But if the will is there, there is always a way.

The first step is deciding to quit smoking. Once you resolve, communicate the same to friends and colleagues. At most times, this kind of decision goes unheard and regular smokers do their best to bring you back to smoking. The lingering smell of smoke in certain places cannot be erased, you may fail often. While you have decided to quit smoking, others have not, breaking free from outside influence is an uphill task. At the same time, nicotine plays games with your mind and constantly lures you into smoking again. This conflict is more with the self than with the world outside. So even while social situations may prove challenging, beating these temptations is an individual call. If you have discovered the virtues of a smoke-free life, it is wise to stick to your decision. Challenges are a part of life especially when you are out to set new goals and ready to quit tobacco. How you tackle them and emerge victorious is up to you. The sooner you make the right choice the faster you will step into a life full of health and well-being.

Overcoming Challenges

Challenges make individuals more resolute to succeed in what they do. Despite the temptations that nicotine withdrawal , society, and inner conflicts may present, breaking free from these and choosing to be smoke-free is the greatest reward that you can give to yourself and your family. Here is a quick run-through of suggestions you may follow.

Make a firm and clear decision. The decision is not just about yourself, it is also for your smoking companions in the office and friends. Inform them about your decision and if they care for your well-being, they will support your resolution. If they don't, you will need to take the unpleasant step of maintaining distance from them.

Once you have decided to quit, make a strong decision to stick to a smoke-free environment. This step will keep you away from second-hand smoke. Second-hand smoke is a strong recall that can drive you to smoke one more time.

If, influenced by your decision, some of your friends are ready to quit tobacco, you must support their decision to step into a smoke-free life. Not only will this decision benefit you but those around you as well.

Regardless of what your friends and colleagues expect when they are smoking, if you have decided to quit, practice saying 'No'. If situations get uncomfortable, walk away. Never lose sight of the bigger plan. Start keeping yourself away from triggers.

Smoking is a hard-to-quit habit as discussed, but with an alternative like NRT for smoking you can give your life a fresh start. Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) is by far the best way to quit smoking. It works like this. Reduced doses of nicotine therapy in the form of NRT gums, patches, and mint are followed to finally wean individuals out of smoking. With NRT Smoke free life is easy to achieve. This is the best alternative that you can choose to find a new life away from nicotine. Some people take to chewing ordinary gums and other addictive things like 'pan masala' to get over tobacco. But switching from one addiction to another is hardly a good choice. Once you understand the workings of NRT you will be tempted to take it up above all other tobacco quitting choices.

With the low doses of nicotine-infused in your body, you will be able to hold up against smoking in situations where others are smoking openly. You will not have to make difficult decisions like leaving a gathering when others are smoking. NRT will gradually and seamlessly prepare your mind and body to quit smoking the healthy way

Taking help from a professional will guide you through your therapy more correctly. Many NRTs that people follow do not come with proper guidance and thus can be misleading. Healthcare Professionals can help people in choosing the right product providing maximum success and zero side effects. One of the most popular brands picked by professionals is Nicotex. This brand from the house of Cipla is reliable and those who have followed NRT with Nicotex have mostly been successful. Nicotex Path, Nicotex Mint, and Nicotex Gum are three of the brand’s most successful therapies that can be tried. They are easy to use and come with complete instructions. So, if you imagine a smoke-free life choose Nicotex NRT and walk into health once more!


Walking out of tobacco is not easy but if you are determined you can. With help from NRT the road to a smoke-free life is less clouded. All it takes is determination and a continuous mindset to be ready to quit tobacco. Say ‘No’ is the buzz. Keep yourself attached to hobbies and with people following similar intent. After all, nothing can be better than when you start focusing on health and well-being. The environment around you changes, and your family and friends start appreciating your initiative, further tightening the strings and leading to a life more peaceful and gratifying. When the pros of quitting smoking are so strong, why not join a group of nonsmokers and live healthy?