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Nicotex is a nicotine gum that helps you quit smoking using the principle of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) and comes in six flavours - Mint Plus, Fruity Mint, Paan, Cinnamon, Classic Fresh Mint and Teeth Whitening.

A 12-week therapy programme using Nicotex will help you get back to life without dependence on nicotine.

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How To Use Nicotex

To successfully quit, it’s important to chew Nicotex Gum properly.

Nicotine gum shouldn’t be chewed like a regular gum. It’s important to follow the 3 steps to improve the experience and the effect!


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How I Quit Smoking!

Hear from people who have successfully quit smoking using Nicotex

Bobby Khurana, Creative Producer, Conde Nast Creative Studio, talks about his journey of calling it quits with smokes. This is his story of change with Nicotex.

Karan Kaul, Creative Strategist, GQ, thanks his friends for introducing him to Nicotex. He talks about the challenges he overcame and the changes he saw in his journey towards quitting.


Hi, I'm Sagar and I live in Mumbai. I started smoking 7 years back. However, since last one year, I started feeling that smoking is affecting my health adversely. I used to think, how can one quit smoking but after using Nicotex my perception has changed. Today, I tell everyone that Nicotex has helped me quit smoking. This is my story.

Never in my wildest dream had I imagined that I‘d be able to quit smoking. What started as a casual bonding routine had become a serious addiction after 3-4 years. After my health worsened I was told by doctors to quit smoking. No matter how many times I tried I ended up falling back to the habit. Thanks to Nicotex, today I am finally smoke-free for six months. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to quit smoking for good.

The stress of working in an advertising agency had made me start smoking. Before long, I was smoking two packs a day. Soon I realized that smoking was having adverse effects on my skin and looks. Then Nicotex came to my help. Not only did it support my willpower, it helped with the cravings as well. In a matter of a month, I was smoke-free. It has been two years since I had quit, all thanks to Nicotex.


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