How to Quit Smoking Using Nicotine Chewing Gum?

Smoking cigarettes is a habitual behaviour for many, and some are in such advanced stages of smoking that they find it difficult to let go of the habit even if they want to. Smoking is no longer considered cool as it is an addictive habit that causes more harm than pleasure. Leading to organ degeneration, the body succumbs slowly to the ill effects of smoking cigarettes. Smokers realize, with time, the deep damage smoking causes to them but are unable to free themselves from this ill-gotten habit due to withdrawal symptoms provoked by nicotine. However, with advancing technology, effective withdrawal remedies have been formulated. Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) helps people who are seriously determined to quit smoking, leading them towards a smooth transition and entry to smoke-free life with NRT in the form of many therapies that include nicotine chewing gum. Let us help you learn more about this chewing gum to quit smoking.

How to Use Nicotine Gum

A woman is using nicotine chewing gum.

Nicotine chewing gum is an effective Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) helping people to quit smoking gradually. The gum is an effective smoking cessation therapy that is administered to people who are addicted to tobacco and find it difficult to give up smoking cigarettes owing to the addictive nature of nicotine. However, unlike normal chewing gum, nicotine chewing gum should be used carefully so that smokers beginning their tobacco-quitting journey do not end up being addicted to the nicotine gum.

Choose the right dose

The nicotine chewing gum is available over the counter in two strengths; 2mg and 4mg. The usage of the gum dosage depends on the number of cigarettes one smokes in a day. If an individual smokes less than twenty cigarettes a day, the lower strength therapy will work for them, if 20 or more they will be required to choose the higher strength. You can get the perfect dosage recommendation from a healthcare professional.

Strictly follow the chewing technique

Remember nicotine chewing gums are not like regular chewing gums, they need slow chewing until the tingling peppery sensation is felt in the folds of the mouth. You should park the gum at one end of the cheek and remember to stop chewing. The released nicotine is absorbed by the oral mucosa until the nicotine taste completely subside, which takes around half an hour until you start chewing again.

Stick to a schedule

Don’t be tempted to chew often, limit yourself to a strict schedule and stick to it. Allow the nicotine to flow into the bloodstream so that you do not feel the withdrawal symptoms. Under no circumstances exceed the daily limit. Gradually start putting a cap on your limit too. Whatever the daily quota of gums, try to chew one less. Reduce bit by bit so that you can wean out and your nicotine dependency starts decreasing, minimizing the side effects, and helping you to quit smoking easily.

Do not just depend on anti-smoking chewing gum

Although NRT is a great way of weaning out of nicotine dependency, one requires greater determination and support to stay resolute. Staying connected with counsellors and support groups with patient family backing is essential for individuals who are preparing to quit smoking with help from nicotine chewing gums.

Maintain Body Hydration

Drinking water and keeping hydrated with fluids is an effective way to avoid the side effects of nicotine withdrawal While you are using the nicotine chewing gum, keep your mouth fresh and hydrated by sipping water and fluids while you keep the gum parked in between your cheeks.

Keep Track

To ensure that the NRT nicotine chewing gum is working, check your day-to-day progress. Also, keep a watch on adverse effects caused by anti-smoking chewing gum, and contact a health professional if required. Health professionals also help to tailor your gum dose matched with other types of therapies to help you wean with greater success.

Tips for Reducing Gum Usage

Introducing nicotine-chewing gums in your life is an ideal way to quit smoking. These chewing gums help curb the body's urge towards nicotine gradually by reducing doses. The therapy aims to reduce the intake of nicotine so that you can live without cigarettes for the rest of your life. 

Sticking to the weaning plan

NRT follows a tapering therapy that brings down the nicotine intake from your current intake status. With reducing doses and controlling withdrawal symptoms, the therapy is structured for a nicotine-free life with time. Follow the instructions diligently as quitting smoking is your decision.

Stretch intervals

While the intervals between the chewing are pre-assigned, initially you can go by the books, to expedite the purpose of quitting cigarettes, start by stretching the chewing interval by 5 minutes, then 10, and keep pushing yourself for a bit longer. The longer you can withhold dependency, the faster you will be able to get over the nicotine addiction. If you become accustomed to chewing, instead of nicotine gum, you can chew normal gum to replace the chewing urge.

Recognize triggers

Smoking tobacco is a strong addiction that is not easy to let go. Both habitual and psychological desires are good enough to shake the most resolute. So when you are planning to quit smoking, your goals must be rigid. Spot what induces you to smoke. Look for the weaknesses that create an urge and check them even before they arise.

 Physically active

A good way to combat psychological and emotional urges is to deflect them with physical activities. This is a good way as physical exercise releases endorphins and is a huge mood booster that helps to cope with nicotine craving organically.

Marking Milestone

Every effort is worth a pat, especially when you are fighting with so much internal strife as quitting cigarettes is no easy task. So, each time you feel that you are conquering one weakness, you need to recognize it to move ahead with a robust attitude to the next.

Support to Success

A lone journey is always lean when it comes to measuring your success. With family, friends, colleagues, and a team backing you, you can achieve the impossible. So seek encouragement at every step and share every success and failure with them so that they act as your alter ego and help you to accomplish your goal in the end.

Seeking advice from a health professional will help you follow a regulated dosage of nicotine chewing gums with a combination of other therapies tailored to your requirements that will help you get over nicotine addiction with greater success.

Nicotine Gum Side Effects and Precautions

Nicotine replacement therapies are an effective way to overcome nicotine addiction and withdrawal symptoms that crop up after you quit smoking. Nicotine chewing gum therapy comes with some side effects that you must be aware of. 

People using nicotine-chewing gums to quit smoking can experience irritation in the mouth and throat. Hiccups and indigestion are also common symptoms and side effects of anti-nicotine chewing gum. People are likely to feel dizzy with strong headaches. Excessive chewing can lead to jaw pain and discomfort in the temporomandibular joint. These side effects should not deter you from quitting smoking. You can consult your health professional if you have other health issues. If you are taking the help of chewing gum to quit smoking during pregnancy, then keeping your doctor informed of your slightest discomfort is necessary.

Whatever happens, do not get back to smoking, these symptoms are part of the withdrawal symptoms, and treat them with help from a professional. Keep your chewing urges under check and start routine physical workouts. Be watchful of the symptoms and their intensity, if your health professional is monitoring your doses, there may be a change in the same. Stick to the instructions. If required your health professional may use a combination of therapies like nicotine patches, mint, and nicotine chewing gums to manage NRT effectively, but you must be watchful of overdose.

Signs and Symptoms of Nicotine Overdose

If you are following more than one type of NRT, mixing nicotine patches with nicotine chewing gums, or nicotine mint, the dose should be balanced and not exceed the permissible dose. Overdose must not happen at all costs but if it does, you should be mindful of symptoms.

People experiencing an overdose can feel dizzy, lightheaded, and nauseous, and even vomiting is common. There are chances of increased heart rate that can elevate to dangerous levels. Immediate medical attention is necessary. This can be accompanied by excessive sweating, even before the heartbeat races up with a feeling of disorientation and unusual anxiety.

Sometimes overdose can lead to seizure and medical intervention is necessary. People can also experience breathing issues and chest tightness that need medical help. People having hypertension should always seek help from a health professional before using a nicotine chewing gum as the blood pressure levels can vary to critical levels in an overdose condition.  

The Success of Quitting with Nicotine Gum

Nicotine-chewing gums have shown great success in helping people to quit smoking for their convenience of usage. If you are ready to quit smoking nothing can speed up the process better than a nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). Using a good product is necessary for managing your smoking urges. The best nicotine gum to use is Nicotex. This anti-smoking chewing gum is highly effective in helping a smoker transition to a smoke-free life. Choose Nicotex nicotine chewing gum and quit smoking for a better life.