Thinking about quitting

The problem with smoking is that it dwells in a world full of style. It is a social lubricant for some, and for others, it is a tool to deal with stress. But there are way more harmful effects that overpower the upsides. So recognizing where you are and where you want to go is essential. The first step in your quit journey is realizing that there’s a problem.The trigger to quit might come from others around you, or from right inside you. Keep that drive going.This is the point where you hit the refresh button on your life and embark on the journey of being smoke-free. And we believe it is possible.

How does nicotine affect you?
Nicotine affects the central nervous system upon ingestion entering the bloodstream it releases various neurotransmitters and causes psychological and physiological effects in the body. Triggering initial pleasure and relaxation, a person feels their cognitive faculties responding better with each intake. But slowly the attention, memory span and appetite start reducing, urging greater dependency. Long-term smoking increases heart rate and blood pressure levels, leading to associated health risks. Quitting nicotine is the most sensible decision, however, nicotine withdrawal symptoms can surface when no cigarettes are consumed, resisting quitting cigarette smoking.
Some recognise the detrimental effects of nicotine and try to give up smoking. Nicotine addiction is difficult to break free of in one shot, taking the help of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) is an effective way to gradually wean out of nicotine addiction.

How does it work?
NRT is a processed treatment available in the form of nicotine gum, mint, patches, and effervescent tablets that induce nicotine in the body in reduced degrees. Matching with your nicotine intake amount, the therapy prepares your body by controlling the nicotine dose through a step-down process.
Nicotex enables smoking cessation and is a dependable alternative to taper nicotine the healthy way and gradually overcome nicotine dependency. Nicotex presents products like Nicotex gum and Nicotex mint which are on-the-go solutions to forgo nicotine cravings. These NRT instruments are easy to use and with a treatment plan, the therapy will help individuals overcome nicotine addiction in weeks. Nicotex nicotine gum is easy to use but should not be treated as normal chewing gum. The gum should be chewed and parked from time to time according to the instructions on the pack. In 12 weeks, you can return to a smoke-free life. The Nicotex gum is available in two strengths, 2mg and 4mg, online and over the counter. You can choose a flavour you like and purchase your strip. Walk into a smoke-free life in no time. Considered one of the best nicotine gums in India, trust Nicotex to stop smoking.

We Believe you can