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Once you quit smoking, you may occasionally feel the need to smoke. These cravings are only natural and can easily be managed by identifying your smoking triggers and planning on how to best tackle them.

Try a few different things that help you cope and manage cravings better:

  • Drinking tea/coffee: If tea/coffee time is when you smoke, try changing where and how you drink tea/coffee.
  • Talking on the phone: If you smoke while on the phone, try holding your phone in your smoking hand.
  • Chores and breaks: In your free time, focus on incomplete tasks, e.g. a book you are reading.
  • After arguments: If a discussion leaves you feeling disturbed, try calming down and having a glass of water or talking to a friend.
  • After meals: If you tend to smoke after meals, try going for a walk to take your mind off smoking.
  • Driving: If you smoke while driving, try turning on the air-conditioning. Send your car for cleaning; the fresh smell may keep your mind off smoking.
  • Places where you kept your cigarettes: You will often reach out for the spot(s) where you kept your cigarette pack; replace with a pack of Nicotex in all such spots.
  • Social gatherings: Avoid being with people when they smoke. Try staying indoors instead.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol can affect your resolve to quit. If your willpower falters after a few drinks, ask a friend to help.
  • Seeing someone else smoke: Try stepping away from people who smoke around you. Get some air and think of all the reasons you decided to quit.

Cravings will come and go. Do what works best for you when a craving hits.