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A Nicotex Patch is a trans-dermal/skin patch that helps you quit smoking using the principle of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). The patch when placed on your body gradually releases nicotine throughout the day. Over the 12 week period, you will gradually reduce your nicotine intake and finally get back to life without dependence on nicotine.

Smokers are 60% more likely to abstain from smoking after using a nicotine patch1.

It has a 24-hour Smart Release system that consistently releases nicotine into your body throughout the day2.

It works on the step-down dosing approach that gradually decreases the nicotine intake over 12 weeks, helping you to quit smoking1

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  • Smart Release

    The patch is equipped with a Smart Release system that gradually releases nicotine into the body for 24 hours

  • Safe on Skin

    The patch has been dermatologically tested at the R&D labs of Cipla and has been found to cause minimum irritation on skin2

  • Only one patch a day

    As the patch is effective for 24 hours, you only need to wear one patch a day

  • Invisible to others

    The patch can be worn under your clothes, which will ensure that it remains hidden from others.

  • Highly Effective

    Smokers are 60% more likely to abstain from smoking after using the patch1


Basis the number of cigarettes you smoke per day, below is the recommended dosage.

20 & More Cigarettes (Per Day)
nicotex-patch step1
nicotex-patch step3
nicotex-patch step2
Less than 20 Cigarettes (Per Day)
nicotex-patch step2
nicotex-patch step3

Consult your Doctor before using Nicotex

  • If you are below 18 years of age.
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • If you are taking any other medicines, especially those containing these.
  • If you have other medical conditions such as uncontrolled high blood pressure, stroke, stomach ulcer, kidney or liver disease, heart or circulation problems, diabetes, allergic reactions, severe sore throat, inflammation of the mouth, overactive thyroid, or adrenal gland cancer.
  • If you have had previous reactions to nicotine gums or other nicotine-containing products.

How to use

Using a Nicotex Patch to quit smoking is both convenient and easy

step 1

Step 1

Tear the sachet at the notch provided and remove the patch

step 1

Step 2

Peel the transparent protective film on one side. Place the patch on your skin and peel the other half.

step 1

Step 3

Press the patch firmly so that it adheres well to the skin.

Things to remember while using a patch

  • Apply one new patch every 24 hours, preferably in the morning

  • Wear it only on your upper body

  • Stick the patch on a clear, dry and non-hairy part of your skin

  • Change the location of the patch every day. Repeat location if required only after 7 days

1. Abelin T et al,Controlled trial of transdermal nicotine patch in tobacco withdrawal. Lancet 1989;1(8628):7-10
2. In vitro diffusion study,data on file,Cipla Ltd.


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