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Nicotex Chewing Gum

About Nicotex

About nicotex
  • What is Nicotex?
    Nicotex is a nicotine gum that helps you quit smoking using the principle of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT).
    A 12-week therapy programme using Nicotex will help you get back to life without dependence on nicotine.
    Nicotex gradually reduces your nicotine intake and makes it possible for you to choose life over smoking.
  • How does Nicotex work?
    Nicotex provides the nicotine that you normally get from cigarettes, but in a lower quantity than cigarettes. It allows your body to gradually adjust to having less nicotine until you no longer need any and, thus, helps you quit smoking.
  • What does Nicotex contain?
    Nicotex contains Nicotine Polacrilex, USP. Nicotex is available in two strengths: 2 mg and 4 mg.
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  • Nicotex Teeth Whitening
    Teeth staining is one of the most common cosmetic side effects of smoking. Specially formulated Nicotex Teeth Whitening is a Nicotine gum which helps reduce dental staining and improves teeth whiteness in addition to help quitting smoking. Daily use of gum improves teeth whitening by 2 shades on vita shade guide and helps in reduction of dental staining by 70%.1 In addition to that it also decreases the risk of caries.2
  • Nicotex Flavours
    Nicotex is formulated keeping in mind the special taste requirements of the Indian palate. In order to best camouflage the strong taste of nicotine, Nicotex is available in Classic Fresh Mint, Mint-Plus, Cinnamon and Paan flavours.

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