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A pregnant woman is quitting smoking

During pregnancy, wonderful changes happen to the body of a woman. Indeed, this celebrated moment is much to be cherished by those waiting to welcome a child, mostly by the mother who is bearing the baby. With joy comes the responsibility of bearing a healthy baby. Smoking is a strong addiction that is hard to quit, but pregnancy demands immediate quitting. While it isn’t easy to quit smoking the cold turkey way, when you are pregnant, with heightened mood swings from hormonal disbalance, quitting is a must. In such a situation a person addicted to smoking, though pregnant and willing to quit, falls under immense pressure. Taking advice from a health expert and finding the right solution is the best way out. When shove comes to a push, you might wish to give up smoking at a go. Though a great decision, it may not be one that you can follow all through your pregnancy tenure. But there is a way out. Nicotine Replacement Therapy, NRT, has helped many individuals achieve smoking cessation. Let us help you understand better if nicotine replacement NRT is safe during pregnancy.

Is NRT safe during pregnancy?

If you are addicted to smoking, then pregnancy should be a red flag to this habit. When someone is pregnant, a new life is germinating within them, continuing to smoke is an unforgivable act. The new life nurturing within is entitled to fresh air, free breathing, and good health. It must not be fed with something as harmful as tobacco. Women who smoke don’t just harm their bodies severely, but by not quitting cigarettes, they are harming the newborns growing inside their bodies. A mother’s responsibility is doubled, and there is no other way but to forgo the habit. Doctors advise smokers to quit smoking when the pregnancy report turns positive. Medicines used for smoking cessation are not recommended as they may be harmful to the fetus, but Nicotine Replacement Therapy(NRT) is the only safe way when you are pregnant. Tobacco contains 4,000 toxic chemicals, so if a person continues to smoke, they are likely to have problems like miscarriage and complications during childbirth. The baby's weight can be low, and the baby is vulnerable to infections and other health issues, preterm delivery, the baby can be born with a cleft chin or cross-eye. The baby will have weak lungs that can persist up to adulthood, the immune system will be much weaker. The child may be overweight or obese. When a person decides not to give up smoking during pregnancy, the high nicotine levels in cigarettes reduce oxygen, keeping the unborn baby undernourished. Both mother and baby's heart rate and blood pressure are increased. With Nicotine replacement therapy, NRT, women who are highly addicted to nicotine can gradually reduce nicotine intake. NRT should be taken up at early pregnancy stages and is an effective way to quit smoking. Smoking cessation through NRTs in intermittent forms like gums, lozenges, and patches are effective way of dealing with withdrawal and getting over nicotine through step-down therapy. Though nicotine in the body at this stage is a strict no-no, with controlled nicotine for weaning from tobacco, this is the safest way to quit smoking during pregnancy.

How to use NRT safely during pregnancy

How can Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) be used safely during pregnancy

The sooner you decide to quit smoking and take nicotine replacement Therapy (NRT), when pregnant, the faster you will make the right decision to protect your child waiting to be born. Quitting smoking should be the objective especially when someone is pregnant. Perinatal risks related to smoking are too many, with NRT, not only is the smoker saving their health but also that of their unborn child from permanent harm. Nicotine crosses the placenta and adds to considerable health risks in the fetal and brain tissue of the unborn. To get over nicotine, small doses of nicotine for weaning are perceived as a safe alternative. Before opting for NRT, consult your doctor for personalized guidance on how to start NRT. Those addicted to tobacco find it hard to quit smoking, but in case of pregnancy, the choice of quitting is nil. Though nicotine is bad for health and can cause considerable damage to the unborn fetus, women who smoke have to quit and this seems to be the safest way. Pregnant women should consider NRT at the earliest stages of pregnancy. Through NRT, controlled doses of nicotine travel in the body, helping smokers to alleviate withdrawal enabling them to quit smoking within months. NRT Therapy is the most effective smoking cessation solution showing results within months. NRT comes in various forms including nicotine gum, patches, lozenges, inhalers, and nasal sprays. These forms of NRT are safe and help overcome nicotine effects. Visiting a healthcare provider or obstetrician in the gestation period is the right way to take up the therapy. The expert will evaluate the risks and benefits and suggest the right dose based on the individual’s health status. NRT takes various factors into view like smoking habits and preferences and based on these findings nicotine gum, nicotine patches, and nicotine mints are suggested. A person can easily move towards smoking cessation as the baby starts growing inside the fetus heading to a safe delivery. The nicotine intake doses are higher when the NRT commences and gradually tapers in successive months. In time, the person can be smoke-free. Abstinence from nicotine needs a great deal of willpower and no matter how much you may be exposed to smoking, do not revert to the habit as that will be harmful to the child. Be mindful of the side effects the controlled dose of nicotine is causing, so try following the doctor’s advice and quit smoking for your child.

Best NRT for quitting smoking for pregnant women

Using NRT to help pregnant women quit smoking.

Now that you know that NRT is the safest remedy for weaning out of smoking when you are pregnant, be mindful that nicotine is still entering your body and causing some harm to the growing baby inside. So, choose the right product before starting this therapy. You can do a bit of research and check the products online. Ensure that the NRT products contain none of the other harmful ingredients but nicotine which is the most damaging of all chemicals found in cigarettes and causes addiction. These controlled NRT products like gums, lozenges, patches, and effervescent tablets can either be recommended by a health expert or you can also do online research to know the implications and benefits and set personal goals once you know the method. If pregnancy causes nausea and repeated vomiting, try using patches as any ingested NRT products may not be helpful in such a condition.

Your doctor will tell you that your NRT patch must be used for not more than 24 hours. One patch per day is most beneficial. Remember to remove the patch at bedtime. Your doctor will check your health and advise the best solution. When a woman is not feeling nauseous, then using products like gums, lozenges, and even effervescent tablets can be tried with advice from a health professional. With help from a trained specialist, your success rate to quit smoking will be doubled. Avoid products that are sold with small amounts of licorice flavoring instead fruit and mint flavors are more suitable for pregnant women. Chewing the NRT gums is an effective way to hold up against withdrawal symptoms.

Your health professional will determine your dose. Nicotex is a trusted NRT product that most health professionals recommend. They are available in two strengths 2mg and 7mg. Formulated for the Indian palate, the gum is available in mint and other fruity and Indian flavours which is quite safe. You can also use Nicotex nicotine gum, Nicotex nicotine patches, Nicotex nicotine mints, and Nicotex effervescent tablets. These products are safe and approved by the World Health Organisation and are ideal for smoking cessation for pregnant women. Taking up these NRT products has helped many pregnant women safely wean out of smoking without withdrawal symptoms.


Smoking cessation is not an option when you are pregnant. It is a responsibility. Nicotine-related risks to the baby are innumerable and mothers do not want their child to be born with health hazards when they can start a life perfectly healthy. Pregnant women should read about the health risks associated with smoking. The first thing that a mother-to-be needs for smoking cessation is the readiness to quit. So once that is decided, take a physician’s advice. Starting a NRT at the earliest will keep your unborn safe from the adverse effects of nicotine. Counselling sessions, being connected with support groups, and sharing your journey with others who are going through the same NRT will help in a better success rate. Support from the family is equally necessary and appreciating small efforts of weaning and smoking cessation must be appreciated. Also, it is good for women to quit smoking altogether. Breastfeeding mothers cannot smoke as they would be harming their children with the chemicals present in tobacco. There is a strong chance of relapse within two months, so support from family members, counsellors, and support groups are a must to keep pregnant women resolute and help them to permanently quit smoking. Use trusted NRT products and stick to the nicotine step-down program.