03 Aug 2019

Harmful Effects Of Smoking On Your Body

If you could see the damage you'd STOP!
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09 Aug 2019

Smoking And Pregnancy

Smoking during pregnancy exposes you and your baby to several serious health risks like stillbirth, miscarriage and birth defects. Smoking anytime during pregnancy is dangerous; quitting cigarettes is the best thing you can do for yourself and your baby.
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14 Aug 2019

Quitting smoking and managing your weight

Weight gain may be one of the most dreaded side effects of quitting smoking but there are ways to manage your weight while you quit. Here are 9 smart weight management strategies to get you off to the right start.
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21 Aug 2019

5 Ways in which smoking can harm your Sexual Health

Smoking has a negative impact on both sexual desire and performance. Read on to know the 5 ways in which smoking harms sexual and reproductive health.
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18 Nov 2019

How Nicotex Gums and Lozenges work & how to use them?

Anyone who has tried to quit smoking knows that it is no easy task. Cigarettes contain ~4000 harmful chemicals but it is the nicotine that is highly addictive and makes it very difficult for a person to quit smoking.
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